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This workshop aims to provide advice for researchers in early stages (students and junior faculty) and women researchers in the area of cryptography. The workshop will bring together cryptography researchers at different stages of their career to form panels and answer questions for these groups. Besides the live events, the organizers will turn to a large group of cryptography researchers and collect pre-recorded answers and advice from them on a list of interesting questions. These answers will be combined into a set of videos showing various perspectives and be publicly available for the community. As the outcome of this workshop, our mission is to foster a friendly environment where the community can openly share their academic experiences.

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Here is the playlist of all the videos.

General Advice:

Advice for PhD Students:

Advice for Junior Faculty:

Questions/Advice for Women:

Q22. Any final thoughts/advice? [video]

Group Interviews:


The workshop is an affiliated event of CRYPTO 2021. To register to the workshop, please register to CRYPTO 2021, and mark this workshop in the registration form.

The panels will be live streamed with one replay at a different time. The recordings will not be posted online after the workshop.

Please submit your (anonymous) questions in advance for the Students & Junior Researchers Panel and Women Researchers Panel!


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Women Researchers Panel


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This workshop is supported by Shanghai Key Laboratory of Privacy-Preserving Computation and MatrixElements Technologies.